Exclusive: UCWEB mobile browser iPhone edition released!

Posted by Nek | 6/05/2008 06:30:00 AM | ,

I love my iPhone on the whole, but it's Safari web browser is buggy. It crashes a lot when i load non-iPhone-optimized web pages in it. And now here comes the rescuer, the UCWEB mobile browser for iPhone.

In case you didn't know, UCWEB is a very popular mobile browser in China, it's fast, functional and could be run on most mobile phones. UCWEB has 4 editions, Symbian, Java MIDP2.0, PPC/SP. Now it comes to iPhone.

The main features of UCWEB iPhone edition mobile browser:

1. WEB and WML webpage browsing
2. WiFi, CMWAP(only in China), CMNET access
4. upload and download files
5. search
6. address auto-type
7. WAP prefetch
8. supports landscape mode
9. supports webpage folding
10. copy, paste and more

This is the first beta of UCWEB iPhone edition, so it might be a little bit unstable. But since UCWEB is the best mobile browser in China, i believe it's iPhone edition will also become better and better in the future, because the UCWEB Team is great.

Screen shots(slide show):

How to get UCWEB iPhone edition?

Just add the following source into your iPhone Installer, and then you can download and install it:


Find some bugs? Report here:


antonioj said...

Hi, can you tell me how to add bookmarks and access them???

jslim said...

Hi, I just got my Iphone 3G,I can install ucweb to my Iphone, can you help? sms me yr contact I will call u.


JS Lim

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